Utility Asset Optimization – Supply & Demand

EAI works with utilities, large energy consumers and energy regulators to develop energy efficiency and load management strategies that can:

  • reduce demand peaks when the daily load duration curve reaches close to the limits of supply availability.
  • shift demand loads and valleys to leverage more competitive supply or environmentally friendly resources.
  • allow for capacity planning and development for distribution and transmission assets to support organic population and economic growth.
  • enable diversifying supply through load level management techniques or virtual generation in the efforts of achieving the goals of a Least-Cost system.

There is growing pressure in various energy markets today to ensure more reliable transmission of energy and enhanced security of supply. An increasingly important factor is the concern over climate change, which has pushed energy and load management up in the agenda to support sustainable growth both in emerging and mature electricity markets. Depending on the type of market structure (structured regulated, single-source, open-access or power pool), our approach to developing energy and load management programs will ensure the outcome has a net positive impact on the energy load curve.

Our consultants and associates have served the following client segments:

Governments & Regulators – design policies and strategies to increase the system security, improve economic efficiency and quite possibly have a positive impact on the environment.

Power Pool Operators – impact on market prices (with a clear customer benefit) and the reduction of influence by dominant electricity producers.

Electric Distribution Network Operators – enabled to handle bottlenecks under peak periods and better utilization of network capacity to support distributed generation opportunities.

Energy Marketers, Traders & Retailers – improved portfolio risk management options and ability to find new business and “aggregators” of load demand response to reduce portfolio price exposure risks).

Energy Users – opportunity to share revenues with the ability to respond to higher electricity prices or supply constraints by the dispatch and trading of ancillary loads.

Our experts have developed and led in the implementation of sustainable demand-side management programs for energy utilities involving end-users, project financing institutions, ESCos, equipment suppliers, contractors and government agencies that offer a comprehensive engineering and financial risk-mitigated approach in delivering energy efficiency, load management and asset renewal projects.

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