Commodity Energy Supply

Utilities Procurement & Active Portfolio Management

Energy Associates International (EAI) is a specialized energy management firm serving a wide range of commercial, industrial and institutional client energy utility portfolios in Canada and other international deregulated energy markets.  Our senior consultants have actively managed more than $3 billion in electricity and natural gas contracts in the wholesale forward and over-the-counter (OTC) trading markets.

Our energy trading experience and active wholesale market insights have empowered clients to know what, when and how to buy energy as a wholesale commodity.   By leveraging our independent wholesale counterparty relationships and energy trading market knowledge, we can secure favorable competitive wholesale energy prices to lower energy utility supply costs or maximize commodity asset positions.

Beyond energy procurement, our active utilities portfolio management involves all aspects of energy supplier contracts management, energy reporting, utilities budget design and allocation, energy efficiency performance and billing accuracy verification, operating reserves and utility advocacy (impacting regulated delivery charges).

Key Advantages with EAI:

  • energy procurement strategies that are aligned with pricing opportunities in the wholesale OTC trading markets
  • real-time market spread between competitive wholesale OTC energy trading desks that  further lowers energy costs
  • custom-designed energy products based on the unique load profile and characteristics of client’s evolving utilities portfolio – actively mitigate price, volume and regulatory risks (e.g. carbon tax).
  • industry leading expertise to lower regulated delivery charges through tariff intervention or case applications with utility regulatory commissions.

Our portfolio management services are available at a fraction of incremental cost savings from any real-time wholesale OTC-market based real-time energy procurement transaction.

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