• Actively managing more than $3 billion in electricity & natural gas contracts

    Know what, when & how to buy energy as a real-time wholesale commodity

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  • Energy efficiency & load management strategies

    Impact the electricity load curve to leverage more competitive supply & green energy sources

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  • Innovative asset renewal programs

    Reduce grid electricity demand and GHG emissions while improving building quality

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  • Development of electricity markets

    Low-cost, safe and reliable supply to support economic and population growth

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Utilities Procurement & Active Portfolio Management

Energy Associates International (EAI) is an independent energy consulting firm that provides specialized energy commodity procurement and supply management services. EAI operates within Canadian and international wholesale energy trading and deregulated supply markets serving utilities, municipalities, commercial and industrial clients.

Independent Energy Management Consulting

Our experience and active wholesale market insights empower clients to know what, when and how to buy energy as a wholesale commodity – click here for a comprehensive assessment and a customized energy management program.

Electricity Market Design & Development

EAI consults on a wide range of electric industry regulation and market restructuring issues. We strive to to design and development electricity markets with low-cost, safe, reliable electricity services, which open, fair and equitable to all consumer segments.

Utility Asset Optimization – Supply & Demand

We assist utilities, regulators and large energy consumers in understanding and maximizing their supply position for wholesale and retail market access. EAI also develops energy efficiency and load management strategies to leverage competitive supply and support growth.